Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Feeling All Grown Up...and a Little Lost in the Real Dot Com Sea, Introducing www.4RFood.com

Oh boy, what did I get myself into? My lovely web developer husband was kind enough to help me on my next step of the internet blogging yellow brick road and set me up with my very own dot com. I can hardly believe that I got the domain, and the site is up! Of course it is still in progress since I am learning as I go...man this stuff is complex.

Starting something completely new, that I have no mastery of, makes me feel like I ventured out of my little fishbowl for a swim in the ocean. The tide takes me away to another, disorienting, strange and different local that takes some getting used to.

So if you wanna see me baby step toward the next step in my journey, please check out www.4RFood.com, (oh my gosh, there is no Blogspot behind that, woo-hoo!) and let me know what you think!



Ashley said...

Miss Lindsay!! Wow! It's great to see you breaking out and into the dot com world! Yes!! I think it's totally special that you, Heather, and I are getting ourselves out there even more. I enjoyed reading your latest blog posts, about your own journey and what it is that you're trying to do. And I enjoyed your new website so much! I love the review of the pie crust (I've always wondered) and I'm now curious about the one-dish dinners. That's my style! So what will happen to the blog? Will you maintain both? Love you girlie. Ashley

Kris said...

Love the new site! Nice fringe benefit of marrying a web developer...