Thursday, October 21, 2010

Whoa, This Stuff is GOOD. Highly Recommended: Celebrity International Cranberry with Cinnamon Fromage De Chevre

Over the weekend, Costco had a cheese sample extravaganza. Showing off, among other cheese, white cheddar bombs, huge wheels of golden Parmigiano Reggiano, and the most gorgeous soft white cheese encrusted and streaked with magenta cranberries spread on La Brea baguettes. We ended up buying both the white cheddar (which tasted like very young parmigiano) and of course the lovely cranberry and cinnamon fromage de chevre (which sounds sooo much better than goat cheese, right?)

Somehow Celebrity International played down the usual twang of goat cheese, maybe with the plump cranberries that encase it, and made this somewhat unusual, but delightful creation. 

EVEN if you think you would not like goat cheese fromage de chevre, I urge you to give this a try. Trust me, I never thought I would have liked this so much if I hadn't been wooed by the siren song of a free Costco sample (who can resist?). 

It would make a gorgeous appetizer for a fall dinner or even on a Thanksgiving pre-dinner cheese plate.

(Post Script - for those who care about these things, the cheese is animal rennet free, which is a plus in my book...)

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