Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pizza Balls - Ashley's Experience

Pizza Balls - Photo by Ashley Hamrick

Can you tell I am proud?? Here is a photo and email excerpt from Ashley Hamrick's recent email to me. On her last visit with me, I told her how to make pizza balls from the 321 Dough recipe. Here is what she said:

"I made more 321 dough today and, on the request of my teenaged-appetite husband, I stuffed the pizza pocket with more "stuff", this time making pepperoni pizza pockets... I thought I'd share this photo with you both. I ate a half of one and it was just like eating a piece of pepperoni pizza (I used only the fines ingredients -- oven-roasted farmers market  tomatoes from the oven, top-quality pepperoni and italian mozz. chz.). So amazing, gooey, and delicious!! And what a perfect thing to serve to a hungry beast! Thanks, Linds! Haven't tried the pizza yet, but that's next this week."

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Ashley said...

Linds, I'm honored! Now I wish I would've taken a better picture... ;)