Friday, October 15, 2010

Minnesota - Wedded Bliss Part 3 - The FINAL Minnesota Report

The Reception of our Minnesota wedding adventure:

Toasts followed food, the DJ made the children come on the dance floor to do the obnoxious chicken dance, and then Mandy and Matt had a stunning moment. The country song, “I thought I Loved You Then,” began playing, and only Matt and Mandy existed. 

He took her waist, pulled himself to her, she reached her left arm around Matt’s back, his other arm remained a perfect right angle as he held Mandy’s hand. They looked like something classical, out of time. Matt mouthed the lyrics close to Mandy. In that space and time, they were shiny white satin, silhouetted black hat, sensible and smart boots, simple gold rings; they were everything new, and clean, but more than anything, radiantly, truly in love. 

Alex and I wandered around the farm amazed how different countryside Minnesota farm life looked from our Southern California reality. We stood near the two lane highway in front of the main house, free of cars, and looked westward towards miles of rolling corn fields. Only the buzz of cicada bugs interrupted the silence.

Walking back, two little girls approached us and said, “Do you want to see a baby cow?” The pixie girls led Alex and me through a dark cow shed labyrinth, filled with manure booby-traps, to a half door. Before us stood a mama cow licking her calf still cloudy with birth, less than an hour old. The girls magically disappeared as quickly as they came, but we stayed and stared, while the reception partied on. News of the baby cow traveled fast, however, and when Ann and Al were led through the shed to see the calf, Mr. Boise, Matt’s farmer father, stood watching the calf, making sure it would not get mixed up in the mud a few feet away, as it worked up to standing on all four legs. 

The nearly magical time at the farm wedding came to a close. Ann and Al hugged Mandy with her one open arm. Mandy held the smaller, pink booted, flower girl on her hip with ease and said smiling, “I am only allowed to have one cat, but I can have lots of babies!” 
Mandy and Matt sparkled with a bond and commitment to each other, enfolded in family understanding and strength, the tough continuity of farm life a head of them, and the promise of lots of babies. 


Erin Kane Spock said...

Your descriptions were almost lyrical. Beautiful post and great pics. You really captured a moment in time.

lindsay said...

Thank you so much Erin!

Kris said...

This is the coolest wedding ever! I grew up on a farm and I guess it never leaves you. Totally agree with the above comment that you have captured the magic of it beautifully. Simple, elegant, nostalgic. Awesome!