Thursday, October 14, 2010

Minnesota - Wedded Bliss Part 2 (Here is the food part...)

The Minnesota Wedding Continued:

The day before, the Boise family emptied their tractor equipment barn, loaded it with tables, chairs, purple and green favors, and a mile of white toile which hung from the rafters. The enormous barn doors opened onto views of the families 125 acres of corn fields, and encouraged whatever breeze that came by into the room.

Since we grabbed a sandwich on the way to the wedding, it took us a while to go over to the appetizer table. When I got there, I noticed some interesting cheese in addition to the more easily identified cheddar cubes. The semi-hard irregular shaped cheese, along with the cubed cheddar, happened to be fresh cheese made from the milk of the very cows on that farm. I took two plates of cheese even though I barely felt a hunger pang, I couldn't pass up the offer of homemade, home grown cheese. To wash it down, they supplied guests with a keg of locally brewed root beer.

The main course arrived by way of a ten foot long, truck-pulled trailer barbecue, and included several trays of thin-sliced, cheesy au gratin potatoes, barbecue baked beans with all varieties of bean, and most impressively, an entire roasted pig, complete with an apple in its mouth. The unorthodox wedding food pleased me beyond belief, and the home style cheddar-covered potatoes pushed it over the top. 

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