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Minnesota Part 5 - The Farmer's Market

In the Saveur magazine issue of markets world wide, the Minneapolis farmer's market made the cut above all other east coast farmer's markets. Specifically, they featured a tiny little food truck called the Chef Shack and recommended their Indian Spiced Donuts. Needless to say, when Saturday morning rolled around, I knew where we had to go.
Happy food where is that truck?
Located in the semi-cavernous mill ruins on the banks of the Mississippi, this lovely market looked like a food oasis. Of course the Amish couple selling gorgeous heirloom tomatoes and the old fellow selling cave aged cheese stood out, but when I saw the Chef Shack food truck, I felt like I had spotted a celebrity. The people lined up at least ten deep, and my mom and I joined the pack. They offered only a few items that actually sounded a little strange, like beef tongue tacos, and the acclaimed Indian Spiced donuts.

Ahh, I found you little Chef Shack!
The line moved so quickly that we barely had time to read the menu and choose. Since my mom had just finished her monster sized pecan sticky bun from the morning before (it did actually take her 24 hours to finish the thing), she opted for the something Hills Farm hotdog, but I had to go with those donuts even though the Indian spice thing was a little suspicious to me. We both got the house tea/lemonade. The condiments for the simple hot dog were impressive, including pickled red onions, homemade ketchup, and a bunch of other things we couldn't even really identify.

I stood to the side of the little food truck with the bag of warm mini donuts in one hand and the amazingly delicious tea/lemonade in the other. What happened next can only be described as Nirvana. Look, I am not really a major donut fan or anything, but when I took a bite from that warm ring of goodness, my eyes couldn't help but close in appreciation. It was just one of those moments. There are no pictures of the donuts - I couldn't be bothered with the camera at that point. I did, however find a picture online of the masterful little morsels, along with a very fitting description:

"Indian-spiced mini doughnuts at Chef Shack
The doughnuts sell like hotcakes at this gourmet food truck, and no wonder. These miniature marvels come fresh from the fryer, puppy-dog warm, perfectly crisp, and laden with a subtle and creative Indian spice blend of cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg, cardamom, fennel, and most likely cocaine. The fact that you have to track down these critters by following the Chef Shack's Twitter feed makes the conquest all the sweeter. If taste buds had toes, they would surely be curling."  - click here to see the picture. I have tried to put it in my blog, but it keeps getting removed somehow...

And just because there is nothing prettier than pictures of farmer's market fare, here are a few more:


Kris said…
You're killing me here! Every time I read this blog, I get hungry. For cheese.

Seriously...the cheese! I have never seen such awesome looking cheese! Happy cows are from Minnesota!
lindsay said…
Kris - you will like my next post then...we are at a wedding at a dairy farm where the milk they produce goes to make...CHEESE! Hehe
Ashley said…
Your photos are wonderful Lindsay! Love you!

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