Monday, October 18, 2010

McDonald's Food from Around the World, the Good Stuff

Growing up, nothing topped a trip to McDonald's for me. The colorful kids only playground, the delightfully fatty happy meal (no ONIONS on the burger though), the special toy (anyone remember the muppet babies toys??), the little swirly free kids cone, and of course the man himself, Mr. Ronald McDonald.

I loved him more than Mickey Mouse and every other kid's character put together (maybe even more than Santa). I even had a Ronald McDonald doll that blew a whistle, which now sells for $199 on Amazon, and in retrospect looks a little creepy.

1978 McDonald's Ronald McDonald 21" stuffed toy with whistle

Ronald used to show up in person at the Del Mar Fair to do magic tricks, he giggle-smiled through every kid directed commercial (I saw A LOT of those), he just made me sooo happy. Happy meals really did make me...happy.

My love for McDonald's waned, however, as my taste buds and I grew up. Now, as a mom, I have taken my kids to McDonald's for ice cream (which has always been good, though who knows what is in that soft-serve mix), and for the playground - those indoor ones are just brilliant on a hot or rainy day.  But the food? Sorry, it does nothing to tempt least not here in America. Maybe if the US McDonald's imported some of these international McDonald's Menu items, I may change my mind. What do you think?

This just looks so interesting...
Cupcakes in Germany

Italian bagel sandwich from Germany
Upgraded Deluxe fries from France, Mexico and Switzerland
Italy - this burger is topped with real Italian Mozzarella

To see more international McDonald's food, check out  Food Network Humor


Julie C. said...

Last time we were in France I became the ugly American I promised myself I wouldn't become...I had to try the fries. It was worth the self loathing, so yummy!

lindsay said...

Julie - I had a similar experience in kinda just have to go to the McD's on the Champs Elysee, right?

When I was 18 in Italy for the summer with my boyfriend (now husband) I MADE him take me to McDonald's for soft serve ice cream. I mean, only a silly homesick 18 year old would probably do that in the land of glorious gelato ;) Thanks for the comment!