Thursday, October 21, 2010

Homemade Bread, My Top Tips, Part 2 - Pizza Dough

Bake pizza (and all bread for that matter) on a pizza stone - they are cheap, so just get one - they make a huge difference because they pump up your oven temperature. Pizza like the 321 Dough (click here for the recipe post) needs to be cooked at high temperature (500 degrees), and the stone can bring up your temp another 100 degrees! OH, and don't forget that parchment paper.

321 Pizza dough can be very versatile. These are breadsticks with cheese and olives, you can be very creative once you have the dough and baking process down. 

But DON'T try to make cinnamon rolls with bread dough. They will SUCK. These may look pretty, but they tasted terrible. Just take my word for it. 

You can cook an egg on pizza, in your oven. But you probably shouldn't. I did it once and one egg slid down to my bottom element and fried to a black crisp in a matter of seconds. I don't recommend using your pizza stone if you want to do this egg pizza thing. 

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