Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cool Cereal - Some Vintage Stuff...Who Ate Gremlins Cereal??

Who doesn't love a good bowl of cereal? We all have our favorite, right? Remember the one you always wanted your mom or dad to buy you, but didn't (Count Chocula!!!)? Here are some fun, REAL, cereals from the past:

This is NOT a joke. Urkel-os from 1991. Seriously? Urkel for president? What were we thinking 1991?
What year do you think this cereal debuted? Answer at the bottom...

Oh yes, very EXCELLENT! Circa 1990
What says 1984 better than Gremlins Cereal?

"I do FOOL!" says Mr. T, also 1984

For more cereal fun check out The Cereal Project. They are attempting to catalogue every cereal America every cereal we were crazy enough to buy in America.
Oh, and the Star Trek Cereal debuted in.....2009!


Ashley said...

Linds, That crosatta looks delicious... is there any left?? As you know I love desserts & one of my all time faves this time of year is apple crisp. It's the recipe in Joy of Cooking, but subbing out white sugar with brown sugar. This time I used organic brown sugar, which smelled heavily of molasses... I was worried, but the crisp came out caramely and rich. Wish you could have been here to share it! I can make it again for christmas. xo ps - we were only allowed sugar cereals for our birthday... my fave every year was Cinnamon TC! Still is!

Ashley said...

btw - also love the part about your m.i.l. This week I'm going to make risotto. Any tips? xo

lindsay said...

Oh, I LOVE apple crisp! I made a plum one this past summer that was amazing (there is a post on it), and I can't wait to try yours!!! Love the organic brown sugar swap.

As for risotto, YES, I do have tips...maybe you have inspired another blog post my dear!

Anonymous said...

Those Urkel-Os are from 1992, not 1991. Clinton was running against Bush at the time.