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Minnesota Food Fun - Part 3

Just before the downpour - a rare food-free moment
After the goodness of Guinness pit stop, we drove down University Blvd to explore the University of Minnesota. This picture was taken moments before the sky tore open and dumped buckets of rain on us for about twenty minutes. The moody weather rapidly changed to desert dry, and it was time to eat again. 

Punch Pizza, with authentic Napoli style wood burning oven, Vesuvio tomatoes, and buffalo mozzarella, waited for us back on Hennepin Boulevard. Slight detours and Alex’s GPS lady finally put us back on track, and ninety seconds after ordering, our pizzas were delivered, slightly charred, from the 800 degree wood oven. Heaven on earth, especially for  Alex, who longs for Italian pizza like home, and carb-free diet Al, who couldn’t help but cheat. 

The best pizza in America that I have tasted. Felt like I was eating pizza from Italy. 
We couldn't believe that such authentic Neapolitan pizza could be found in Minneapolis of all places, but we were sure happy to eat plenty of it. We ate at Punch Pizza twice, and attempted a third time, but they were closed. Please DON'T miss this place if you ever find yourself in Minneapolis, there are seven restaurants in this little local chain around the city. 

Checking out the killer wood burning oven - that dome shaped steel gray mass on the far right. It was covered in mosaic. 
Belly’s full again, we walked up Hennepin to check out the ‘Best Bar in America,’ according to Esquire Magazine: Nye’s Polonaise Piano Bar. Opening the door, a whiff of 1964 hit our noses. At just past 6 pm, the ancient hostess with busy beehive hair and a belt tucked just beneath her breasts, kindly told us the music started at 8:30. The place, nearly deserted, dark, with authentic 1960’s decor, seemed like a hole rather than the ‘Best Bar in America’.  
This is the place?

These three had their doubts...but I dragged them in anyway. Guess I have seen too many episodes of Mad Men - the whole authentic 60's thing sounded great...on paper. 

Tempting as it was, we couldn’t wait for the music at Nyes, they had bigger plans for the evening, a concert at the Dakota Jazz Club, Dr. John and the Lower 9-11. 

Really? This is the BEST bar in America? 
Let's come back tomorrow night and find our for ourselves!


Ashley said…
Lindsay, Love the photo of you and Alex. I love this food journey. It makes me want to go to Minneapolis! Miss you! Love Ashley
Erin Kane Spock said…
What a great journey. Who would have thought Minnesota could offer anything to foodies?
lindsay said…
Thanks Ashley and Erin! Yes, it was a great journey, and having the wonderful, but alas picky, husband of mine (and well, I guess I am pretty picky too when it comes to food quality) I made sure to research the prime food locations. But yes, Minneapolis is full of wonderful food and people!

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