Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Minneapolis Food Frenzy Part 1, Pubs and Buns

My mom, stepdad, husband and I spent a long weekend mid-August in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and to my great food-centric pleasure, we encountered a slew of culinary delights. This is part one of our fabulous food frenzy. Each establishment I mention can be found by clicking on it's name (grey link). 

We arrived on Thursday evening and made our way from the fabulous Foshay tower, W Hotel, to Nicolette Mall two blocks up. There we found Brit's Pub and Eating Establishment, a gorgeous british pub replica complete with cherrywood paneling, roaring fireplaces, and button-dimpled leather armchairs. 
Ann and Al at Brit's 
The first thing I think in a British pub is Fish and Chips, which made it a no-brainer for ordering. It always amazes me how hot the battered fish remains as I eat it, which admittedly happens pretty quickly. Fish and chips done right, sits high up on my list of favorite guilty pleasures - lemon and malt vinegar taking turns...oh yes. The chips at Brit's don't stand out in my memory as anything more than chips, but whoa that crispy beer battered fish, piping hot, light and golden, perfectly cooked, prevails as some of the best I have ever had. 
Speaking of guilty pleasures, my number one of all time may indeed be the next thing on our Minneapolis eating list...cinnamon rolls. I'll admit it now, if I could eat one thing for the rest of my life and have no repercussions, a glorious piping hot sugar, cinnamon, doughy mess the size of a toddler's head, kissed with a stream of  cream cheese glaze would win hands-down. 

Welcome to Isle's of Bun and Coffee on 28th and Hennepin, Uptown, a one room establishment where mixing, assembling, baking, and selling happens each day like a sugar dance. My fantasy bake shop looks just like this place, and the buns headline the dream. We hit this place on the morning of day two in Minneapolis, and couldn't help but return on our last day before hustling to the airport. 
Mom's Pecan Sticky Bun - took her 24 hours to eat

Took me about 20 minutes to eat mine...too good to last. Alex had a bun, and Al had Pizza. 
This door opened to the street so I snuck a shot


HLM said...

Boy do I wish we'd been there at the same time! Paul and I spent one glorious day there and we had some excellent food too. Ice cream in Uptown at a place called Sebastian's and dinner at a bowling alley cafe near Colfax St. that I don't know the name of but actually had amazing food. Can't wait for part 2 of your pictures and story. :)

Ashley said...

I second you on eating cinnamon rolls for the rest of your life. Those are my absolute fave. Mom & I had some to-die-for rolls at Montana Baking on the road back in July... totally mouth-watering, light, and buttery. Wow. Love you!