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Do I Have What it Takes?

Ever wonder if you have what it takes to succeed at something, then look back at yourself and say, "YES. I do darn it!" Well, those times are few and far between for most people, me included. It is easy to feel inadequate - like someone will always be better, or more prepared, or whatever, but why should that stop us from trying? Because trying is hard. Trying can be heartbreaking. If you really really open yourself up to wanting something so bad you can taste it, the defeat tastes like crap...or worse, whatever that is.

But without trying, without wanting, without passion, all we are doing is hiding. Not living. Not growing or reaching to be better. So someone may be better than us at said task, but hey, maybe someday, with enough effort and desire, the path that leads us on makes us better.

I am so working on being better. I am working on wanting something and actually going for it. I am working on looking back at myself and saying, "YES, I do darn it!" And now, cue empowerment theme music!

'Quite some time, I've been sitting it out didn't take no chances, was a prisoner of doubt. I knocked down the weighted ain't no sin. Got the feel of fortune - deal me in! Coming straight on for you! I've made my mind. Now I'm stronger, now I'm coming though. Straight on, straight on for you - straight on for you!'


Ashley said…
Amen! I feel the same way. TODAY is the perfect day to begin! Lots of love!
HLM said…
Ashley took my comment! AMEN! If only we could feel the confidence in ourselves that others feel in us. Like, I KNOW that you have the potential to be an amazing cook/baker/tv personality/gardener/entrepreneur, etc. Make a mantra for yourself, commit to a plan, and go with yo' bad self.

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