Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mazatlan Market

On our recent cruise to the Mexican Rivera, Alex and I stopped in Mazatlan and took a little open car called a pulmania into the old city center. The big covered market located by the cathedral has everything from trinkets to fruit, tshirts to pig heads. We wandered through all the different food stall areas - each had its own place. Pork, beef, chicken, legumes, fruit, fish...all as fresh as could be. We were dying to buy some fresh fish, but it was not really gonna last in our cabin mini fridge for more than five minutes.

One of the more interesting things I noticed was the amount of animal parts for sale that one never, ever sees in the USA (ahem...hotdogs...). I watched people buying chicken feet, saw a lady waiting for her freshly buzz-sawed cow head, and smiling pigs heads (minus the ears). I would love to go back to Mazatlan for a week just so I could shop at the market and cook my self silly.


Trish Wallace said...

That had to have been an experience...perhaps you could do a cookbook from Mexico and all the things you encounter and experience while you're there!!

HLM said...

I remember the first time I saw a whole pig hanging in a butcher's window in Munich. Next door was a butcher that sold horse, and next to that was a place that was all about small, non-poultry animals (rabbits, squirrels, etc). Thinking about it now, it is really amazing how removed we are from the life of the animals we consume here in the States! A few days ago, I bought a whole chicken and cut it up myself into eight pieces and the carcass for stock. It was actually great, much to my surprise. I felt like I had all the control over what I will eventually eat.

Anonymous said...
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