Monday, August 3, 2009

A Not so Beautiful Disaster

This is a peach and blueberry (not sure what to call it...hmmm) flat pie. It was a lovely looking disaster. I had a few apples in the fridge, so I thought I would make a tart or something with them. Not pictured is the apple didn't have much of a chance.

So the bad: the recipe called for Granny Smith apples. I had some lovely peaches, and a few 'past their prime' apples. I went with the peaches, but peaches have a lot more liquid than the apples and they aren't afraid to show it. Liquid squelched out of those peaches at an alarming rate, and the sugar in them along with the butter and sugar on top of the peaches, mingled into a caramelized, then blotchy burned, mess. Some traveled under the crust and ruined the outer rim, which was a complete shame, since the crust was lovely. It resembled a thin layer of crispy croissant dough, and if those peaches hadn't ruined it, I think I may have eaten way more of it than necessary.

Other things that went wrong: the peaches were not sweet, even with the sugar added, creating a sour, unpleasing overall flavor, especially when getting some of that after burn flavor mingled with it. Yuck. Oh, and then as I was putting the camera away, my two year old decided to take a cookie cutter to it and make some pretty designs. The flat pie was utterly disfigured and abused. What a mess.

The apple edition was not any better. At all. Mostly because I used apples that were pretty much over the hill, so to speak. The moisture was all but a memory in those old gals, and it really showed in the final product. I think Tex, our dog, really enjoyed it though. But seeing as he enjoys eating my kids sidewalk chalk, he isn't really a discerning critic in any manor.

So, there it is. I can't stand it when I make these kind of cullinary mistakes, yet there are many lessons one learns in doing something (or many things) wrong. Case in point - don't use peaches in a flat pie. Ever.


HLM said...

Hiya! The pictures you posted don't show anything ugly or disasterous at all. They show exactly what my tongue wants to taste now that you've planted the seed in my mind. I'm sure the lessons you've learned will make the next peach dessert you make so much better than you could even hope!

Glad to be home and reading up on your adventures again. Let's hear some more!


Ashley said...

You are hilarious Lindsay!

Sedna-is-my-own-last-name said...

hmmm, i was hopeful in the beginning that the taste was great despite your critque of it's physical appearence.

thanks for teaching us that lesson.

on the subject of apples, i'm not sure you get gravensteins down south. they are SO in their prime and delicious (at least to eat raw, not sure how they taste to bake with).