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A New Adventure

Today has already been quite a day! I have been in cooking overdrive preparing for my new gig at the cooking school. Today is the orientation, and we will meet each other, get all the information on the open house, kitchen rules, etc. I have to admit, after reading the other chef's bio's I am a bit intimidated...words sprinkled in there like "worked with James Beard award winning chef so-and-so" wow, and how about Micheline Star restaurants on some of those bios...all I can hope is that I am there in that group for a reason!

This morning I made really great blueberry muffins from the Martha Stewart Baking Handbook - totally reccomend. I wanted to use my new giant muffin tins that I got second hand from the cake store in San Marcos for only 7$ each! Love them! Then I am making a cake for our friends for pick up on Saturday...they picked Red Velvet Cake...well, I wasn't as successful with that adventure. I will have to make it over, which SUCKS since I have such little time. Then I made some excellent honey-wheat bread with pecans...sooooooo good. I made that recipe up myself so I guess I can be happy about that success.

Wish me luck today!


Trish Wallace said…
OK...You MUST share what it is you're doing and did you get into this? I'm so impressed, perhaps you've found an outlet for your passion! Please let us know because I feel out of touch!!

One thing in grad school that I learned pretty quickly is that we all felt like we were "pretending" to be smart. When, we ALL felt like we knew nothing.

I'm sure you belong right next to the others anc can teach them a thing or two.

Can't wait to hear more!
HLM said…
OMG I am SO excited to hear DETAILS about everything that happens at the cooking school. And I think Jennifer hit the nail on the head... you are absolutely as qualified to be there as the next person, you just took a different path to get there. They wouldn't have hired you if they didn't think you rock.
Anonymous said…
Yes Ma'am, you do. Belong, that is, and rock, too. Just getting bits on the blog it sounds like your passion and potential would be hard to ignore!

I think it's great that you share your journey too, as I have been given lot of confidence reading other real people's stories of how they got where they are. And each path is different.
Ashley said…
Looking at those giant chocolate chip cookies, I'm remembering now that I never got one at the graduation party... did you save any extras, 2 months later?? Also... pretend til you make it. That's what teaching has taught me. You are fabulous! xo

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