Friday, April 24, 2009

Numero Due

Here is cake number 2 from my cake decorating class. We learned how to make the clown as a technique in pressure control...I guess creepy clowns are not the most popular cake decor, but Matteo sure loved it! He kept singing happy birthday to the clown on the cake. So, who knows, maybe the little ones these days aren't freaked out by clowns...they haven't seen the movie It yet.

Clowns don't freak me out, but I do think they are a little strange. Why are they quasi-bald? Why do they look like they have been drinking too much? Why are these middle-aged, alcoholic-looking, bald dudes with bad clothes kid magnets? To those who have an aversion to clowns, I apologize - feel free to be clown fans, call me - I can make you a cake.

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Trish Wallace said...

Your clown commentary made me laugh so is so true, isn't it...kind of like the wierd ice cream trucks that all the kids run to like a Pied Piper...Your cake is wonderful and the best part is you get to EAT it! Your skills impeccable and I have yet to manage the "decrumbing" before icing which makes it look so much better!! Congrats!!!