Friday, March 20, 2009

Getting Back in the Game

Cooking, for me at least, is such an organic experience. What ever mood I am in, or what ever is going on in my life is reflected in the quality, taste, and essence of what I am making. I could have the best intentions of making something perfectly, but if my heart or mind isn't really there, boy you can sure tell. Most of the time, when that happens, I mostly just want to eat that item, rather than make it. Of course I wouldn't mind more days without cookies, pound cake, breads, etc., sitting around tempting me to eat them...little sirens. 

So now with my husband's masters over, and the house back to our little family of four, I am finding, pardon this next line in advance, the joy of cooking again. Yes, back in the game, and hoping to be able to write more on my blog too. The first paragraph above was actually completed without any child whatsoever in the vicinity...this paragraph I have little seven-month old trying to type too. 

Of course, half or more, of the fun of cooking and baking is trying new things, finding new favorites and experimenting. One day this week I made a mini-meatball soup, which, believe it or not, was a Rachel Ray recipe. Sorry, not really a fan, but the soup turned out pretty well. I think the pasta was a little too much as it sopped up a ton of the actual soup as it sat, and just turned into pasta jelly. Not too pretty after an hour or so.                                                                                                                                                                                        
Companion to the soup, I made Rancho La Puerta Whole Wheat Bread. I bought a bag of Bob's Red Mill whole wheat flour for my mother-in-law, but we didn't use it, so I needed to find something to do with it. This bread called for only wheat flour which is unusual. I think it was off a bit in the recipe because I had to incorporate at least another cup of flour to make it hold together, but overall, it is quite a nice, healthy, very whole wheat bread. My two year old tried it out of the oven, and said, "yucky," but today, with it toasty and butter-covered, it got a much better review. He actually thought it was a hamburger at first because of the color.  I like it toasted in a big hunk, slathered with good peanut butter. Our seven month old thinks it is pretty good too. Here is the bread recipe link: 

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