Sunday, January 25, 2009


Inspired by my super-talented crafty cousin and her super-talented crafty friends, I decided that I wanted to start a record of something (aka blog)...but, no matter how much I wish it, I am not in the talented crafty group. So I thought about what it is that I have something to say about...and then it hit Well not literally, though it is entirely possible with a 5 month old and a 2 year old. Yes, food. 

Mundane? Well, I guess it is in the sense that we eat every day, day in, day out for every day of our natural lives. Yet, there is something magical about food when you get it right. The look of satisfaction on someones face when they really enjoy the creation you have made...that is my art. Just describing a delicious food can make mouths water and experiencing a food masterpiece is a whole body experience. 

The thing I really love about it though is you can never, really ever know everything about it. There is always something to learn, some way to improve, a thousand different recipes for a chocolate cake...

So here is the start of my recorded journey to food mastery. I hesitate a bit at the word mastery, but why not aim high? I want to be a master - the yoda of food. So here we go...and don't worry Owl cook! 

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