Thursday, January 29, 2009

Biscotti and Marcella

Things have, well...pretty busy lately, but I have been cooking some here and there. My favorite of the week were the almond biscotti for Alex. They are really the perfect biscotti - light and dense at the same time, blanched slivered almonds, almond extract...yeah, he likes him some almonds. 

I have been reading the memoir of Marcella Hazan, the Italian lady who brought "real" Italian food to America in the seventies and eighties. It is amazing that she never intended to be anything more than a science teacher in Italy, and she became this foodie idol. She never even cooked anything until after she was married! It is funny in her books to, she gives off this vibe like, well, they wanted me to write a cookbook, so here it is, but hey, don't ask me to do another one!  She really tells it like it is. I saw her on Martha Stewart and she even treated Martha like "whatever, you are just like everyone else". Gotta love that old Italian gal. Just truly herself in every moment. Something to aspire to. 

So I went back to my cookbook library and when all this crazy stuff at home is over and done, I will start again working on my "Master Class" book by Mrs. Hazan herself. I will never get a chance to work with her in person, so I'll settle for the correspondence class. 

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HLM said...

What a wonderful idea, Lindsay! I am SO pleased that you've discovered you have something to offer the world by way of a cooking blog. Be SURE that I will visit regularly. And I'm proud of you for realizing that you ARE creative, just in a different way from me and the rest of us folks who just more conventionally fit into that definition. But you are a part of the Campaign for Creativity just as much as anyone!

In the spirit of your blog and Italian cooking, I came across this WONDERFUL recipe the other day on Martha's website. I highly recommend it (be sure to soak the anchovies in water, and I used less salt than Chef Mario Batali):